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Holiday Homes

If you’re going on holiday, away for a short break or maybe even a longer stay away and don’t want to place your dog in kennels, here at Your Pet’s Paradise we can offer the perfect alternative. We have a range of dog lovers who have opened up their own homes to provide holiday homes for dogs. So while you are away you can be safe in the knowledge that your dog is getting all the love, comfort, attention and walks they need. They’ll have their own bit of paradise!

We can also give you regular email updates, should you wish, of how much your dog is enjoying their holiday! As well as this you can rest easy in the knowledge that we have full public liability insurance. Our holiday homes also only take in dogs from one household at a time so your dog will have all the attention they need.


The Process

Once you contact us we’ll send you a form to fill in, giving you the chance to tell us all we need to know about your dog, their needs and yours. From there we match your dog to the most suitable holiday home for them. So if your dog doesn’t like other dogs we’ll make sure we only match them with a dog free home. If your dog is enjoying the quieter life of retirement we’ll make sure they have a holiday in a quiet, calm home. Whatever your dog needs we’ll find a holiday home to match.

Once we’ve found the right home for your dog, we’ll send you a brochure all about them. You can then get an idea of what the holiday home is like and if you are initially happy then we can set up a visit for you and your dog to meet them.  This meeting at the holiday home’s house gives you the opportunity to chat with them and for your dog to have a sniff round, so we can make sure that everyone is happy.

Then, when it comes to your holiday, you pack your dog’s suitcase with their bedding, food, toys etc. and take them to their holiday home to have a great time! Transport can be provided at an extra cost, if necessary.


Doggy Day Care

We all have times where we’re out of the house all day. Whether this is more regularly for work, or occasionally for something like a day trip. Whatever it is, if you don’t want to leave your dog home alone all day then we can help!

Just like with holiday care, your dog can enjoy a day with a holiday home where they’ll be walked, fed and have all the company they need while you’re away for the day. Your dog will be matched to the best holiday home for them that most suits their needs and where they’re sure to have a great day!

Long Term Care

We know that life can throw many situations your way and these can often be unexpected. In times like this the concern about what will happen to your dog just adds to your worries. Here at Your Pet’s Paradise we can make sure life’s changes are not too stressful for your dog. Whether you have to be away for work or you have to go into hospital, whatever the situation if you need a place for your dog to go for a longer or uncertain length of time, we can help. Talk to us and we can work with you to arrange care for your dog throughout this time. We’ll do all we can to make things as straight forward as possible.