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Dog Walking

Sometimes our dogs need a little company partway through the day and to stretch their legs and have some fun while we’re out at work. We are very pleased at Your Pet’s Paradise to also offer a dog walking service. We have dog walkers in and around the Deeping, Bourne, Stamford and Peterborough areas who love dogs and love to walk. Similarly to our Holiday Homes we match your dog to the most suitable walker for them. We then send you out a brochure about them and if you are happy we can arrange for the walker to come out and meet you and your dog.


How it works

All walks are 1 hour long in and around your local area and are either individual walks or a paired walk. This means your dog is given all the attention they need and are walking in a location that is familiar to them. They don’t have the stress of being bundled into a van and taken out with lots of other dogs.


Individual Walk or Paired Walk?

We offer individual walks for your dog where they are walked alone or if you own more than one dog then they are walked together.  This allows your dog to have 1-2-1 attention and you don’t have to worry if they are not keen on other dogs. We can also offer paired walks if you would like your dog to socialise with others.  This involves your dog being matched to a dog in your local area, who we think they would get on with and who also wants paired walking, and they are taken out together.  This allows dogs to socialise and play but in a controlled way where they are not overwhelmed with too many dogs.

Individual walks £12

For two dogs from the same household £15

For a paired walk (matched with another dog) £10